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The healthcare system has changed radically over the last ten years.

The healthcare system has changed radically over the last ten years. These developments were clearly felt especially in the hospitals area. The pressure on the hospitals will continue growing in the future too. The reason for that, on the one hand, is demographic trends.

Life expectancy and thus the number of older patients are increasing significantly. The course of disease will be more serious. The patients of tomorrow will be bigger, sicker and heavier than previous generations. On the other hand, the costs pressure on hospitals will increase further. The financing of these establishments must be structured more efficiently. On top of that comes an increasing scarcity of qualified and motivated personnel. The hospitals face major challenges. The German association of textile full service suppliers, Deutscher Textilreinigungs-Verband e.V. (DTVmed), has decided to thematise the future of the hospitals and to actively help shape this transformation. Against that background, the project “Operating Room of the Future” has been called into life.

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